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How to write an essay (found whilst on stumble upon)

If you’re searching for information on how to write an essay (and especially how to write a good essay), then you’ve come to the right place. The following article offers some important tips and tricks for writing good college essays that will impress your instructors and make your assignments easier to complete. Be sure to also check out the other resources available on this website, too.

Step One – Determine What Your Instructor Wants

This is the single best piece of advice I can give to anyone who wants to do a better job in college and learn how to write an essay. It always surprises me when students skip this essential first step, but it happens – and it happens a lot!
Let’s face it: if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be writing about or what you’re supposed to accomplish in your essay, then you are basically lost at sea. It really is that simple.
But that’s not even the most disappointing part of this baffling situation. What’s worse is your instructor really does tell you exactly how to write an essay that will make him or her very happy. Unless you’re dealing with a really bad instructor (and I mean REALLY bad), then you will not be able to figure this out very quickly at all. It does happen.
So how do you figure out how to write an essay your instructor will like? It’s very simple – look for the basic essay instructions. A writing prompt is a short but informative sheet of paper that explains exactly what you are required to do in the writing assignment. Once you’ve found that sheet and read it through very carefully, you’re ready to move on.

Step Two – Make an Essay Writing Checklist

Now here’s my secret advice: rewrite the instructions in checklist format. Most of you will never do this because it does require a little extra effort. Of course, the problem most students have is not doing adequate preparation BEFORE writing their essay. But you’re not like most students because you’re reading about how to write an essay.
If you take the instructor’s writing prompt and break it down into an easy-to-read checklist, you’ll be miles ahead of 95% of the other students. I know this because when I grade college essays, I almost always use a checklist. And guess what? That’s right: my checklist is derived from my assignment handout. Big surprise?

Step Three – Create a Basic Outline for Your Essay

No, no, no! When I say “outline” I am not talking about anything very formal. Simple is best for “how to write an essay” step number three. Here’s an example of an outline for an essay on Beowulf:
Beowulf Essay Outline
-Talk about the history behind the story of Beowulf
-Talk about the important characters in Beowulf
-Talk about how today’s stories are not like Beowulf
-Talk about why Beowulf helps us understand history
-Talk about how Beowulf also helps us understand the present-day
I want you to notice something very important here. The outline above is pretty crummy. Yes, crummy. But that’s not a bad thing because it’s going to help you get started. Watch how we can quickly clean up this outline into something a bit more effective:
Beowulf Essay Outline
  • Discuss history of the Beowulf narrative
  • Contrast Beowulf with contemporary literature
  • Analyze important characters in Beowulf
  • Show how Beowulf provides a window on the past
  • Demonstrate that Beowulf also speaks to the present day
This revised outline is not really much different from the original version; it’s just easier to read and more focused. Now we have something we can work with. Again, notice that when I say “outline” I am not talking about anything all that complicated!

Step Four – Freewrite Each Essay Section

The outline from step three is going to provide a nice skeletal structure for the muscle of our essay. Now we’re ready to really write this essay!
For step four, you simply need to take each section title and do some freewriting to develop the ideas. You can do this in any order, but it’s probably best to complete it in an order that makes sense to you.
Once you’ve finished freewriting each section, you can move on to freewriting an introduction and conclusion. Note: you should NEVER try to write your introduction or your conclusion before writing your essay. This is the classic beginner’s mistake in the “how to write an essay” world.

Step Five – Revise the Essay

Here’s the most important part of the total process. Most students will not make it this far. If you complete steps one through four correctly and thoroughly, you’ll be in the top of your class. But if you also complete step four, you’ll be in the very top of your class. No, I’m not being facetious.
Now that you have taken the time to develop each of the outlined sections by freewriting, you’re going to take your how to write an essay experience one step further and dig in for revision. If you completed step four correctly, you should be left with a bunch of garbled writing. This last step requires that you read through each section of your essay draft very carefully and revise with care.
Proofread for grammar and spelling errors. Edit out any style issues to improve readability. Add more content or explanation where necessary. Change or move sections that don’t make sense or might confuse the readers.
Revision and editing is easily the most overlooked part of essay writing simply because most students don’t allow enough time to do anything more than a quick spell check. If you revise your essay well enough, you’ll have a much more readable piece of work than when you started. Plus, you will be far more likely to demonstrate to your instructor that you really do know how to write an essay.
And there you have it – a simple guide on how to write an essay in five very easy steps. If you’ve made it this far, you are way ahead of the game. Now that you really do know how to write an essay, it’s time to get started!

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I hate the google book downloader

ok, so its only been a few hours. but this is ridiculous.

i can download FREE books from torrents in like several seconds

im not saying i expect that program to be better, im just saying its had alot of high talk around the internet.

here is a nice graph

How to get free books from good ( as PDF's)

 This is the first of the many articles i shall write myself. not just "copy pasta" lol.

if your like me and you wanna read books on something like an iPhone (if your a hipster faggot) or some other USEFUL device and you cant find the torrent for the pdf

you can get certain books from google.

this can only download free books, if you want good books you are actually going to read then torrent them, but seriously torrenting is bad and you shouldn't do it ;) 

do it at your own discretion or go to library lol  

Google book down loader!

i know there are several tutorials on this everywhere but they are very basic and don't make it clear on what you actually get.

here is what they new one looks like

and here is a pic of where the code is when you find the description of a free book you want

this is the code you paste into the search thingo, as far as i can tell it takes a while.

i have no fucking clue if this works but its still going so ill tell you when i know :P

be back on weekend

hey guys, been swamped with work from school and stuff.

ill be on here briefly but wont be able to stay on for long, ill continue to make posts though and try get around.


SCOPE - Augmented Reality Toys.v3 (really fucking awesome idea)

SCOPE - Augmented Reality Toys.v3 from Frantz Lasorne on Vimeo.

Soundtrack: Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Theme (remix).mp3

Using tangible traditional toys to enhance augmented reality in games and causual play.

SCOPE merges the basic characteristics of video games and real-life toys to improve existing games or create new ones. By attributing various virtual parameters commonly used in video games (power, life, magic, experience, attack, weapons, etc.) to tangible toys, it brings the toys to life. With this approach, it is possible to create all sorts of videogame concepts mixed with the real world. For example, a child's bedroom could become a natural battleground for play.

Frantz Lasorne
L’École de design Nantes Atlantique 

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Sci Fi Foods We Wish Actually Existed

Sometimes, the strange foods in speculative fiction can make your mouth water. These delicious, fantastical items seem so good, you wish you could take a bite. Here are some of our most-wanted fictional snacks.
A brief note: Yes, real world versions of some of these foods exist, but you know they can't capture the awesomeness of the originals.

This soda keep cropping up throughout Futurama's run, but it gets its moment in the spotlight when the Planet Express crew visits the factory. The revelation that Slurm is actually the biological waste product of giant works doesn't stop Fry from loving the stuff. I always imagined it was like a more delicious version of Mountain Dew...

Another Futurama food, this one's deliciousness is once again outweighed by the disturbing truth of its origins. Sure, they are a tasty snack that everyone seems so addicted to that they scarf 'em down by the handful, but popplers are actually tiny underdeveloped alien babies. Maybe someone can develop a cruelty-free poppler substitute?

Romulan Ale
This beverage from the Star Trek universe has always appealed to me. That it's called an "ale" indicates that it's brewed like a beer, but it's blue, and that seems to suggest more exotic flavors. Kirk and McCoy love it, and I'm sure they have good taste. Plus, it's intoxicating effects are apparently quite strong.

In the Harry Potter series, the kids often pop into wizarding pubs to refresh themselves. And they usually order butterbeer, something that sounds absolutely delicious. It's described as a frothing butterscotch drink, served either warm or cold, with a minimal alcohol content. This is probably the most tempting of all of the foods on this list.

Bantha Milk
We never actually hear this mentioned, and we barely even see it on screen. But apparently, those big, lumbering beasts called Banthas in the Star Wars universe produce blue milk. The blue milk has a brief appearance at the breakfast table in A New Hope, but it never really gets its due. I suppose it probably just tastes like regular milk, but I always imagined it was slightly sweeter and more rich.

(Cow from on flickr)
The Milliways Dish of the Day
This "restaurant at the end of the universe" (from the book of the same name) offers all sorts of delicacies. The most prominent is the meat that serves itself. The Ameglian Major Cow can talk for itself and is bred to want to be eaten, even to recommend cuts of its own flesh. It's a gross thought, but I'd imagine a cow that's bred solely for its eatability, that tenderizes its own cutlets, would end up being as delicious as it is squirm-inducing.

This Elven bread, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is like hardtack, in that it keeps for a very long time and is sustaining for travelers. However, it's said to be much more tasty than hardtack or even a type of honey cake made in the books. It's flaky and brown on the outside, but cream colored on the inside. It sounds delicious.

Two riders from New England ride the Trans America Trail

"Two riders, one from MA, the other from NH, ride the entire TAT, 5000+ miles of dirt roads and jeep trails. We made it to about 150 miles of the Pacific when one rider hit a bear and was out. This is a fantastic adventure, if you're thinking about riding it, go for it! You will not be disappointed"

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How Not To Get Caught By The RIAA & MPAA (if in america, really doesnt matter in aus lol)

How Not To Get Caught By The RIAA & MPAA
Making Educated Pirates Out Of All Of Us
From the fall of Napster ages ago to the recent raids on torrent indexing servers, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the current happenings of the pirating scene. Many individuals in the recent years ranging from gansta-rap downloading grandmothers to unsuspecting college students have been sued into submission while the rest of us tremble in fear of the great cartels that is the RIAA & MPAA. I have to say this first though: This article might not be intended for the people of “just-don’t-download-illegal-stuff” argument; Nor is it of much importance to the occasional one Britney Spears song downloader. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is for those of us who has the feisty pirates in them, who will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that the latest movie release gets on to our hard drives…even if we don’t really want to watch it in the first place.
Personally, I am a very conflicted individual when it comes to copyright infringements; the line is indeed blurred for me, perhaps I will talk about only that in my next blog (For those of you who didn’t figure it out yet, this is my first blog).
After years of observation, I have found my set of rules to abide by; some of you might’ve known this already while many don’t. So, without further ado, I give you the golden rules of how not to get caught when downloading copyrighted material, divided into specific sections.
What To Download (And Not To)
  • Stay away from new theatre releases of films (Fine, I’ll explain how to download them regardless in the end, but read this first) – The urge to download the latest movie when it’s in theatres is in all of us, but these types of files are the ones most actively monitored by the MPAA. The revenues generated from new media are very important to them, so the next best thing is waiting for a DVDRip/DVDScr release (but perhaps even then it’s somewhat risky, but the percentage of getting caught is SIGNIFICANTLY less also).
  • Second rule, perhaps the most important pertaining to movies, is that you should definitely check whether the movie you’re downloading belongs to a company that is part of the MPAA. A production company part of the MPAA ( will most likely and indeed be the only party that will take legal action…at least for the moment.
  • The same “early-release” and “RIAA-participant rule” aforementioned applies to music as it did for movies, but a tiny difference is that an individual will still get sued for even one song.
  • Downloading individuals of TV shows have yet to be sued, but that very well might change in the future, for safety though, I still recommend something along the lines of and/or Games & software as of right now are not involved too much in legal disputes with individuals, so smooth sailing there. Kitty Pr0n however, is a no-no and I can’t help you there.
How To Download Securely (Important Section)
  • For Mp3s, One classic and effective way of downloading the latest music and bypassing this RIAA is using websites. Yes you heard me, leave P2P out of this. Websites as simple as AltaVista (the audio search function) will get you most of the single track songs that pops into your head. If albums are more your style, use special Google commands to search for your latest albums and download them from other people’s servers. This site ( tells you exactly how to accomplish this with ease.
  • Bit-Torrent – If you don’t know what this is or have heard people talking about it, you might want to read this article ( a couple of times. Anyways, grab your favorite client/program (I’m split between Azureus/uTorrent/BitComet), and start off from there. For those of you that understand the torrenting process, I’ll cut to the chase.
    • PeerGuardian – Now I’m not a big fan of this, but it’s better than no protection at all. PeerGuardian blocks bad IPs, meaning that it prevents known IPs of RIAA/MPAA tracking companies from connecting to you during a swarm and identifying you. Is it foolproof? No way. Does it help a bit? Yes.
    • Private trackers, private trackers, private trackers – Now I’m not talking about “private” sites like Demonoid (Waits for laughter), but the ones that prevents you from connecting to other members if you are not a member. That kind of sharing will set a pirate free. But, getting into one of these torrent sites is difficult, most of them only does invite, while some have enough members and like to remain underground (my mouth is shut). But talk to your friends who have been around the torrenting scene, and ask around. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get and invite.
    • For certain torrent clients there are plug-ins for them such as SafePeer for Azureus and etc. Explore them as maybe you’ll find a gem.
  • Other P2P ways of getting files – DC++ is decent, but it still suffer the same danger as torrents if an “illegitimate” IP connects to you. For clients such as KazaaLite or Limewire, you are just wide in the open; try your best not to use them. Other ways of transferring files across the internet from people you DON’T know are Usenet, Tor, etc. I’m sorry I can’t list them all.
And finally ladies and gentlemen, you’ve reached this far, I’ve decided to reward you with some tips that will trump everything that I said above. These tips will allow you to download with abandon whatever you want.
  • If you have wireless, leave it wide open when YOU ARE DOWNLOADING. Now many computer security experts and also myself knows that it is ridiculous to have you wireless connection without a password. Mild script kiddies can view what you are doing online and your transactions and they can also piggyback on your network. But that’s the best part, EVERYONE can join and no one knows which IP belongs to whom. Two legal cases as of the writing of this article have already proven so. Both of the cases’ defendants used the argument that they left their wireless connection open and that anyone could’ve connected to it under their router and downloaded copyrighted material. Both of the cases the RIAA dropped the suit to avoid a record of loss. In theory, one does not even have to leave it open, you could claim your wireless is always open when lawsuits come along.
    • The downside, of course, is that lawsuits will come regardless, but you could always use this “wireless router argument” as a solid defense. If the RIAA uses “user negligence” argument, you can always state that you do not know how to set up a router.
  • Finally, last note, if you are on a college network (since the RIAA and MPAA are targeting the student audience so much), one way to share files effectively is through an internal network. I use a Darknet for sharing of movies and files under 50 people. WASTE is a great program for setting a closed network within a university network, just give it a spin. Then of course, there is always the conventional AIM/GAIM/GTALK file transfer feature. MyTunes (OurTunes doesn’t work for iTunes 7 anymore) for sharing all those mp3s with people in your dorm building.
There you have it ladies and gents, I have so much more too say but many have only so much time to read. If this article takes off, perhaps I’ll write my second blog entry on Ethics In Pirating, I can’t wait.

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the story of my hand

its a long  story,  one i had  to explain to the  police many times lol.

it was about 2  grams  of  flash powder,  i  was using tiny sprinkles from bag  for fire to  make marshmallows. from  what i gave a large bit from  bag went into fire and  brought up enough  flame to blow bag making loudest bang,

i got knocked back, and kinda passed out  i think, i didnt know what happened i couldn't see or hear. but yea look at hand after awhile and saw that my thumb was like hanging off my wrist and there was blood all over me and pumping out my hand. lol

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im back v1.2

hey well i didn't get around to posting some stuff, but now i have free time. ill try post something each day.

i usually find articles on stumble upon and other internet surfing apps, and "copy pasta" them. ;)

btw here is a xray of my hand (the reason i haven't blogged in almost 3 months)

the thumb was reattached, it didn't get completely blown off but it was hanging down my wrist. the ring finger tip got blown off straight away and the middle finger one still had bone but no soft  tissue.

gotta love flash powder :D