Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to get free books from good ( as PDF's)

 This is the first of the many articles i shall write myself. not just "copy pasta" lol.

if your like me and you wanna read books on something like an iPhone (if your a hipster faggot) or some other USEFUL device and you cant find the torrent for the pdf

you can get certain books from google.

this can only download free books, if you want good books you are actually going to read then torrent them, but seriously torrenting is bad and you shouldn't do it ;) 

do it at your own discretion or go to library lol  

Google book down loader!

i know there are several tutorials on this everywhere but they are very basic and don't make it clear on what you actually get.

here is what they new one looks like

and here is a pic of where the code is when you find the description of a free book you want

this is the code you paste into the search thingo, as far as i can tell it takes a while.

i have no fucking clue if this works but its still going so ill tell you when i know :P


  1. oh thats very nice... i wish i had an ipad or something to read a virtual book coz im travelling tomorrow

  2. lol or you could get something that is a bit more functional for 700 AUS